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Our Values

Our commitment to members

Trashin dedicated to helping cities thrive with a circular economy. Our technology helps us to focus of impact before, during, and after every pickup. Here’s how.

Before the trip

Getting on-time pickups

Safe pickups
Trashin app automatically finds your location to provide door-to-door service. That means you stay safe and comfortable wherever you are until your partner arrives.

Open to everyone, everywhere
All pickup requests are suitably matched with the closest available partner. So there is no discrimination based on race, gender, or class.

Partner Profiles
When you’re matched with a partner, you’ll see their name, license plate number, photo, and rating—so you know who’s arriving ahead of time. And even after the pickup, you’re able to contact your partner if they left something behind.

On Trip

Hand over your recyclables

Share your Certificate
Once your partner has picked up your recyclables, share the certificate with your friends and family so they are inspired to contribute, just like you.

Always on the map
Follow your pickup in real-time so you always know where your recyclables are headed. And if you use TrashinPOOL, you’ll exactly know who else has contributed. TrashinPOOL, you’ll know exactly who’s riding with you.

After the Trip

Always here for you

Anonymous feedback
After every pickup, you can rate the partner and provide anonymous feedback about your experience. We review all feedback because our goal is to make every pickup a great experience.

24/7 support
Our support team is always ready to respond to any questions you may have about your trip and help you retrieve lost items.

Rapid response
Our specially-trained incident response teams are available around the clock to handle any urgent concerns that arise.

“We implement large scale recycling programs, and with Trashin, who have been working with ITC WoW since 2017, I feel reassured knowing we can meet our recycling goals satisfactorily”

Afsar Ahmed,
Director, Recykal (ex-ITC WoW)

In the App and Offline

Improving experiences with technology

Substitute phone numbers

In many locations around the world, Trashin uses technology that anonymizes phone numbers to keep contact details confidential. So when you and your driver need to contact each other, your personal information stays private.

Always on the map

GPS data is logged for every pickup so we know who you’re serving and where you’re going, which promotes accountability and encourages good behavior.

Assisting local governments

In cases where local governments provide us with valid recycling permits, we provide them with useful data to support their sustainability initiatives.

Better recycling tips

How to segregate recyclables

We worked with local government bodies to create this guide on how to segregate recyclables and Trashin. Click here. It explains how you can maximise value from waste.

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