About Us

Founded in 2016 to streamline India's unorganised recycling sector, Trashin is an internet platform enabling people to buy and sell recyclables.

Our Vision 

Paving the way towards a zero-waste world

We reinvent recycling. We recognise that sustainability is the need of the hour. It’s our lifeblood. It gets us out of bed each morning.  It pushes us to constantly reimagine a zero-waste world. For you. For all that you consume. For the future human civilization to thrive. For a better world to live in. For infinity. 

Our Mission

Empower the informal recycling value chain with technology. 

Between 1-2% of the global population subsists on waste. These climate warriors live a life in constant fear of being exploited. Without access to basic necessities. Barely making a humble living. We are here to transform their lives, once and for all !